The Stable - Der Gàdu

Suite 1

"Der gàdu" is "the stable" in Rimella’s ancient tittschu language. The emplacement of this Suite, on the ground floor, recalls what it originally was used for.

A painting covering the entire wall depicts a Rimella stable with sstalla1hepherdesses decked out in working costumes and tending cows and calves. The same purpose is served by the spring in the bath, from the painted source of which pours out water.

It is made up by a small, bright parlor which leads into the main room. The floor is made of stone slabs in the daytime area and is wooden in the nighttime area and in the bathroom. Under walk-over floor glass slabs one can see working tools from Rimella's agricultural and cattle-breeding civilization. The "Genoese Empire" bed is lodged in a stone niche.stalla3 The bathroom, with a designer lavabo and paintings on the walls, is equipped with a Teuco hydro-shower.

Furniture is entirely vintage.

Outside, on the ground floor, the balcony with an old bench and the stone pavement abut directly on the G.T.A. trail (Grand Trail of the Alps: the trail which crosses the entire Alpine range from east to west).

It is a welcoming, cozy and very private accommodation with a beautiful view from the parlor’s windows. The ever-present theme is "the stable", as is frequently recalled by various items and tools spread out everywhere.

This Suite can be made accessible from all other suites in the house, particularly from the upper floor Suite, which has a panoramic terrace. The two Suites combined can sleep up to 6 guests.