The Hearth - Der Hértblàttu

Suite 2

This Suite is located on the first floor and is named after the fireplace (“Der Hértblàttu” in Rimella’s tittschu language). In days of old this part of the house was used to heat the rooms and supply a comfortably warm environment where family members and guests could spend time together during the long winters.
Its main characteristic are the large surfaces entirely covered with wood paneling; large beams, wood partitions and planking lend their charm to each living area, to doors, door-frames and supporting structures.

This suite takes up an entire floor and it is as large as a flat, made unique by its materials, its furnishings and the peculiar lighting pouring into it during the daytime.

The various living spaces are divided into a very large daytime area, where the central exhibit is the massive stone fireplace. The walls are naked logs from the sixteenth century against one of which leans a cupboard from the same period. Next to it there is a box closet and then the bedroom with its bathroom.

This Suite is also equipped with a cozy Turkish bath with chromo therapy. The bathroom has been located where once there was a cheese storage room where the typical “toma” cheese from Valsesia was shelved to season.

The entirely original furnishings have been discreetly put in place to generate a comforting and relaxing sense of "home away from home".

This a living environment conveys peacefulness and privacy, as is also the case in the spacious, sheltered and unsheltered areas outside: the balcony and the wide, panoramic, private terrace.

This Suite can be connected with the other living accommodations in the house to increase the number of guests who can share a single living area.