Walser culture

The Walsers constitute an unique and stubborn presence in the alpine territory: nowadays they still possess that instinct of survival that has allowed them to withstand, for more than 750 years, in the highest mountain pastures.
It has been said that "... their historical culture must be a stimulus for the modern man to accept the challenge to seek a sustainable development of the alpine society in the respect of the environment and of nature today: it is a precious lesson to be learnt and to be transmitted to young generations."
The Resort Walserhouse is the result of a historical and architectural restoration lasted over 4 years with the purpose to bring to new life the ancient "House Walser." We iwanted to maintain, and to rebuild where necessary, the morphological side of that ancient time. Exclusive magazines have published articles, also on the front cover, about Walserhouse because of its total and detailed respect of the Walser's tradition in the whole housing context.
Rimella has been the first community walser founded in Valsesia and it is the only still present in Val Mastallone. reception Even nowadays the inhabitants speak the ancient language walser (tittschu) and on special occasions, such as marriages, they wear the traditional dresses. The territory is preserved uncontaminated, and it still maintains in the 14 different communities the original and primitive architecture. The three valleys of the territory of Rimella, with its incredible landscapes and sights, rich of the flora and fauna typical of Valsesia, are way more liven up during summertime thanks to the presence of the shepherds that climb with their herds in the tall pastures and in whose mountain huts you can appreciate goat or cow cheese with cornmeal mush.

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