Eighteen Hundred - Achtwe Hunder

Suite 3

Located on the topmost floor, it represents a truly characteristic environment. The walls are made of stones and the roof pitch, made from massive beams, is fully visible.
This section of the house was added on in the eighteen hundreds (1800’s) and sits next to the old, original core, which was once the hayloft of this dwelling.

The broad daylight flooding into this section of the house brings out the texture of the building materials employed to renovate it; the day-time and night-time areas have been aptly merged into one very spacious environment; a crystal partition wall separates the main room from the private bathroom, which has a stone slab floor and is equipped with a Jacuzzi whirlpool. From everywhere one can admire the Blockbau beams of the walls dovetailing in the corners.

From the balcony one gains access to the front of the house where, in case of rain, one can comfortably relax on a Brazilian hammock.
From the back instead one exits on the private panoramic terrace, the ideal place to start a day with a continental breakfast.